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In the 5 years I have worked with Julie Baum, I dealt with my anger and depression, created a profound new relationship and partnership with my wife, my work and career are phenomenal and I am now venturing into new fields of work, like becoming a real estate mogul!! 


The results I have gotten:  I have taken on two promotions in these 5 years and hired and am actively working with a fitness and nutrition trainer.  I am losing weight and feeling better than I have in years. I don’t remember the last time I lost my temper in anger. Depression is a thing of the past for me.  Her work with me directly allowed me to care for my mom while she dealt with and finally succumbed to her battle with cancer. I was able to grant my mom her wish to be at home when she passed. 


Her ability to listen and get what I am experiencing allows her to provide a profound contribution designed to make a difference.  Her coaching style is loving yet rigorous, gentle yet assertive and works in ways I often do not even notice right away.  

Personal growth and development has always been important to me.  Hiring Julie allowed me to create and realize my goals and life long dreams.  No matter what you are up to or dealing with, hiring her is your best bet for success! 

Jamie W.

Julie Baum has been my life coach for the past six years.  She has worked with me and coached me through so many areas of life including business, relationships (present relationships and hurts from past relationships), family and parenting, career shifts and changes, personal struggles, developing ministry, and fulfilling long-time dreams and visions for my life.


 She has held the high watch for me and with me.  She has held me accountable and helped me to stay focused where I needed.  She has spoken the truth when I needed to hear it and in a way that I could honestly receive it.  She has been a safe place and a safe person when I needed one with whom to talk to. 


 She has seen the best in me and the extraordinary possibilities for me long before I believed they were possible for myself and has walked with me through the journey of discovering what God had in store for me and who I truly am.  


The personal and professional growth I have experienced is huge.  There are not enough words to describe the amazing blessing it has been working with and being coached by Julie.  I know that I would not be where I am, the person that I am, and doing what I am doing today had she not come into my life six years ago and had she not stuck with me through all the ups and downs this time has brought.  Tremendous gratitude for Julie and the work she does for myself and others!! 

Mai Loan D.

I reached out to Julie 7 years ago when I was transitioning from being a full time mom and wife to being a business partner with my husband. 

At the time, I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of day to day life and had reached a breaking point.  I was sad, depressed and struggling with keeping it together. 


From the very first coaching call with Julie, I was able to gain a perspective of myself that I had not considered. It was a challenging conversation and it had a profound effect on me and my ability to see my life for what was really happening and not the story I had created about it.  From that pivotal moment, I was able to have honest and open conversations with Julie and focus on areas of my life that were not working for me.  I learned that I am not 'fixed' and that I am 'cause in the matter'.  I also learned that who I am being in this world has a profound impact on those around me and I have a choice in who I am being. 


This entire experience has been life changing and transformative not just for me but for my family as well.  My relationship with my husband is 

beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My relationship with my children is distinct from the past and free from the world of fault and blame.  My relationship with myself has entirely changed and I have learned to love myself no matter what happens.  I am complete, whole and alive in a way that inspires me to share it with others with excitement and joy! 


Thank you Julie Baum for being a stand 

for me and for my family and for the world that we live in!  I love you and who you are for the world!

Walt N.

I began life coaching with Julie in 2014. She’s more than a coach for major issues in your life, she’s also invaluable in taking you through what is happening day-to-day as well as examining possibilities for your future. If you’re considering life coaching as an investment in yourself, you may definitely want to consider working with Julie.

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